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This page is an investor overview only, refer to the Financial Reports, Management Discussion and Analysis and Notes to the Financial Statements for the most recent financial information.

Financial Reports

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Most Recent Bond Issuances

Gas Utility Distribution System

2017 Series A Bonds 2nd Lien - $49,825,000

Thermal Energy System

2016 Series A Bonds 1st Lien - $50,410,000

Water System

2018 Series A Bonds 1st Lien - $361,145,000

Wastewater System

2019 Series A 1st Lien (Green Bonds) - $41,550,000
2019 Series B 1st Lien Bonds: Indiana Finance Authority, State Revolving Fund - $180,684,974

Westfield Water

2019 Series A Bonds 1st Lien - $20,000,000 

Westfield Wastewater

2019 Series A Bonds 1st Lien - $22,660,000

Additional Information

Sara Mamuska-Morris, 
Director of Treasury

Phone: (317) 927-6108

Citizens Energy Group 
2020 N Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202


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