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Landscape Irrigation Research

Did you know that summertime lawn and landscape irrigation are major water supply and distribution factors in Central Indiana?

The Service Advisory Board of Citizens Energy Group and Dr. Cale Bigelow at Purdue University are working together on a four-year landscape irrigation study. Dr. Bigelow and his students are conducting research with the goal of providing high quality healthy “green” lawns for new homes and commercial properties in Central Indiana with substantially less supplemental water than what is needed today.

A series of greenhouse and controlled environment rainout shelter studies are being conducted to find out (1) the best turf species/mixture is best for a low water use lawn; (2) the best water delivery technology for efficient irrigation; and (3) the best way to know when and how to apply irrigation.

With the study’s planning horizon 50 years into the future, the best time to start to improve turf irrigation is today!