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Connecting a Natural Gas Service Line

Want to convert to natural gas? Need new natural gas service lines installed at your residence or business? Need an additional natural gas meter setting? 

We strive to ensure our customers are able to request service lines at their convenience 24/7.

Our online submitting feature offers you the opportunity to:

  • Submit a request 24/7
  • Upload Site/Utility plans and other necessary documents
  • Reply with questions or concerns and receive timely, trackable responses
  • Request meters with the click of a link at any time

1. Check Availability

If you are unsure if natural gas is available in your area, please select the link below and complete a Utility Availability Request. Citizens Energy Group will respond within 3-5 business days. Submit a Utility Availability Request online any time!

Utility Availability Request

2. Select a Contractor

Solicit a licensed and bonded plumbing and heating contractor qualified to service, install or replace natural gas equipment and interior gas lines. Discuss the details of your new natural gas service with your contractor, including the location of the natural gas meter and appliances you wish to install.

Citizens Energy Group will be responsible for installing the natural gas lines from the main back to where you and your contractor determine the meter is to be located.

3. Submit a Gas Service Application

Complete the Online Gas Service Application with all of your applicable natural gas equipment and BTU loads, meter location, inside gas line type, delivery pressure required and applicable documents/site plans (your contractor can provide this information). Submit your Gas Service Application online any time!

Gas Service Application

Note: If you are converting an existing structure to natural gas, you will be required to complete the Conversion Commitment Contract. Please read, fill out and upload your completed Conversion Commitment Contract to your Gas Service Application.

If you are converting your home to natural gas and are currently without heat, please call our new service contact center at (317) 927-4444.

Adobe PDF Conversion Commitment Contract

4. Construction

Installing gas lines and meter settings to your residence or business will take up to 6 weeks from the time we receive a completed application to process. Incomplete applications will delay the process. 

5. Meter Installation

Once your gas line is installed and/or your meter setting is installed, you will receive an email with a link for the financially responsible party to request the meter. All inside gas piping and at least one gas appliance must be installed and operational prior to making this request. We will need to gain entry so we can test the inside gas lines when we set the meter.

Gas Meter Set Request

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