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Sanitary Sewer Main Application

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General Information

Primary Contact Information

Owner/Developer Information

Design Firm Information

Contractor Information

Sanitary Sewer Design Summary


Design Flow

ADF = Average Daily Flow
GPD = Gallons Per Day
EDU = Equivalent Dwelling Units

Onsite Flow (Proposed Development)

Single Family Home310  X    =  0
1 Bdrm Apt/Condo200  X    =  0
2 Bdrm Apt/Condo300  X    =  0
3 Bdrm Apt/Condo350  X    =  0
Commercial  X    =  0
  X    =  0
  X    =  0
 ac.0 gpd
0 gpd

Offsite Flow

Undeveloped Offsite
Developed Unsewered Offsite
Total Offsite0  ac.0  gpd

Total Design Flow - Total Service Area

Total Service Area Acreage  ac.
Total Service Area ADF  gpd
Total Service Area Peaking Factor
Total Service Peak Flow0  gpd

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Terms and Conditions

By clicking below, the applicant agrees to comply at all times with Terms and Conditions for Sewage Disposal Service, Sanitary Standards, and all other applicable rules, regulations, and standards (Local, City, State and Federal).

I agree to the Terms and Conditions and I have been authorized by the property owner to perform the work described in this application