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Supply Chain Job Shadowing

An IUPUI student job shadowed the Citizens Supply Chain and learned a well-rounded overview of what each team member does individually in Supply Chain, how the department fits together as a whole and the larger picture of how it all works together to bring value and savings to both our internal and external customers and ultimately to our rate payers. The student provided feedback from his experience below.

"Thank you for allowing me to visit you last Thursday. I realize that this took time away from you regular responsibilities. I am grateful for all the information you were able to provide regarding your career at Citizens Energy Group. I also appreciate the hospitality you displayed throughout the day. I enjoyed visiting the various facilities such as the Citizens thermal Energy and the wastewater warehouse.

A few nights ago, I spoke with my family about my experience at Citizens Energy Group. I became convinced that I wish to take up a career within the Supply Chain. I am very gratified for the self-experience you administered to me. I plan to continue my path to success as a Supply Chain management major.

Thank you again for giving me this beneficial learning experience."