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Commitment to Diversity

Statement from Leadership

At Citizens Energy Group, our commitment to diversity is a core value that is a foundation of the vision of the Public Charitable Trust to serve our customers and communities with unparalleled excellence and integrity.
We foster a culture that treats each employee and customer with courtesy and respect. We believe all individuals must be respected and valued for their contributions and afforded the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.
Our commitment to building a more diverse workforce is rooted in the conviction that it will ultimately produce better decisions for the Trust. We also know having a more diverse workforce helps us better understand the needs, priorities and perspective of all Trust stakeholders including customers, regulators, community groups and city leaders.
Citizens’ diversity initiative continues to make a tangible impact on our employee hiring practices, our training programs, our selection of contractors and vendors, our Community Investment Program and our outreach to various customer groups.  Our employees should take pride in the progress we have made over the years, but we must continue advancing our diversity commitment to new levels. 
I am strongly convinced that our continued commitment to managing and advancing diversity and inclusion will make Citizens Energy Group a better place to work, a more successful provider of utility services, and a more responsible citizen within our community.  As I have stated in the past, I am personally and deeply committed to this journey; and our ability to maximize employee, community and customer satisfaction.


Jeff Harrison
President & Chief Executive Officer


Our Diversity Mission

At Citizens Energy Group, valuing diversity is reflected in the core values that created the Public Charitable Trust that has guided the utility for more than 100 years. 

The importance of the individual, teamwork, continuous improvement and integrity are core values that are central to creating a diverse workplace and community.

Our Diversity Vision

Our vision is to create a work environment in which all individuals are respected and valued for their contributions and have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. Creating this diverse workplace ultimately leads to better customer service and a competitive advantage for the utility. Our company and employees also continually strive to make contributions toward creating a more diverse community.