Water Wizard


The Water Wizard tool was designed to assist you in diagnosing some of the most commonly perceived water quality concerns by answering a few basic questions. Please answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. 

Please note: If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, contact a medical professional immediately.

Please choose the category that best describes the issue:

Water Pressure

If the water from tap(s) flows with inconsistent pressure, either high or low, please select the option below that best describes the issue:

High Pressure

Most Common Cause: High pressure concerns result in locations in close proximity to one of Citizens pump stations, or at a lower elevation than the surrounding area. In general, the closer the home is to a pump station and the lower the elevation, the higher pressure will be, and vice versa.

Recommended Action: Installation of a pressure reducing valve by a plumbing expert is commonly recommended. To identify whether an installed pressure reducing valve already exists in the home, look for a typically bell-shaped object (See picture below) located near the main shut-off valve to the home. If a pressure reducing valve is already installed, then it may need to be adjusted to the appliance manufacturer's recommended pressure setting, or replaced by a plumbing expert.

Typical Pressure Reducing Valve.

After taking the above listed actions, if the concern was not resolved, please open a case to be contacted by a Customer Case Manager.