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Water Meter Pits and Lids

A property owner is in charge of maintaining his/her water meter pit and all the related materials. Citizens Water is responsible for maintaining the water meter. This in accordance with Rule 7.1 of Citizens Water’s Terms and Conditions of Water Service, which are approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

Occasionally a Citizens Water Meter Reader may notice an issue with a customer’s water meter pit, or related materials, and a notification will be sent to the customer. By reviewing the information on this page, customers can see the types of meter pit lids in Citizens’ distribution system, find a list of potential problems with the lid or materials, and locate contact information for plumbing suppliers who may be able to address the problem. For safety reasons, Citizens asks that a bonded plumber perform maintenance as soon as possible.

Photos of Pit Lids

Water Meter Pit Lid Water Meter Pit Lid Water Meter Pit Lid
Water Meter Pit Lid Water Meter Pit Lid Water Meter Pit Lid
  Water Meter Pit Lid


Meter Pit Lids in Citizens Distribution System

Manufacturer Actual Dimension 
Top of Lid
Manufacturer Size 
and Description
Other Lids That Will Fit to Replace
Ford Meter Box 12.5" Type X 11.5" Vestal, MBC, DFW composite
Ford Meter Box 9" Type C 8" none
Ford Meter Box 14.5" Type X 13.5" MBC, Vestal
Vestal Mfg. 12.25" 11.5" solid none
Vestal Mfg. 14.5" 13.5" solid Ford, MBC
MBC 12.5" 11.5" Ford
MBC 14.5" 13.5" Ford, Vestal
A.Y. McDonald 12.5" A style 11.5" None
Mueller 12.5" 11.5" None
Clark Meter Box 12.25" 11.5" None


  • Most lids in the distribution system are Ford or Vestal 11.5"
  • 3/4", 1", and dual 5/8" meter settings are generally covered by 13.5" Ford or Vestal
  • Clark Meter Box covers are very few and generally in Zionsville
  • A.Y. McDonald and Mueller lids are generally located in Cumberland and Clermont
  • MBC meter lids are not common
  • Ford 8" lids are generally located in older areas of Indianapolis; Fountain Square, Haughville

There are multiple locations where pit lid and meter pit material can be purchased:

Ford Meter Box

  • E.J. Prescott, 8309 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46231
    Phone: 317-247-0005

Vestal Meter Box

  • Ferguson/Pipe Products - 6439 East 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219 
    Phone: 317-546-2013
  • Thompson Distribution - 2225 N. College Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46205 
    Phone 317-923-2581
  • H.D. Supply - 1680 Expo Lane - Indianapolis, IN 46214 
    Phone: 317-271-1463
  • HD Supply - 7281 E. 30th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
    Phone: 317-545-6088

Water Pit and Lid Codes

Code Pit Condition Description
11 Pit ring and lid gone
14 Raise pit
25 Backfill around meter pit ring
27 Lower pit
38 Pit ring broken
47 Pit full of debris
80 Raise meter connection
88 Pit caving in
Code Pit Lid Description
32 Pit lid won't close, cement/asphalt
34 Pit lid won't close, roots
41 Pit lid won't open, nut gone/rounded
42 Pit lid won't close, nut is stuck
46 Pit lid won't open, nut stuck/rounded
48 Pit lid found off
LB Pit lid broken


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it my responsibility to maintain the pit, when the meter reader is the only one who accesses it?
Why do I have to replace the pit nut (pit nut rounded) when the reader cannot open the pit? The reader is the one who opens the pit each month?
My pit ring is broken and the lid keeps falling in to the pit. Where do I purchase a new pit ring and/or lid?
Why is it my responsibility to replace the pit lid?
What size is the meter pit lid?
Why is it my responsibility to maintain the pit?
Can I paint the lid?
Can I plant around the pit?
What is considered in compliance with regulations, when it comes to the location of the pit? (i.e. ground level)
Where can I find the equipment I need to correct the condition?
How many inches below the ground should the connection be?
How much space do I need to have clear around the pit, to be in compliance with free and non-hazardous access?
Is Citizens Energy Group responsible for the shut off valves?
Is Citizens responsible for the water lines before the water meter?