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FAQs related to break near Stop 11 and Emerson:

Q. Was it OK to drink water before the boil order was issued?
A. This was a precautionary order and the risk to customers who drank the water before the boil order is very low. All initial indicators of the water quality and safety are good, but we are doing additional sampling to further ensure safety.

Q. Can't boil water when I still don't have water. How much longer? I'm in the advisory area and I'm near the hospital?
A. We’re hopeful to have service restored to the area without water by 10:00 pm.

Q. Can you explain why if this is precautionary it wouldn’t have been ordered at the time pressure was lost, many hours ago?
A. There are still some customers without water as the repairs continue. Citizens assessed monitoring data and the extent of the pressure drop across the service area, leading to the precautionary boil water advisory based on information as it became available.

Q. We live north of Edgewood and South of Thompson not in the boil advisory area, but we also had water pressure drop. Should we be boiling water as well?
A. No. Citizens monitors the water pressure in the distribution system and was able to establish the boundary for this precautionary boil water advisory for the area where we have indications the water pressure fell below 20 pounds per square inch.

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