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Student Poster Contest

The contest is designed to combine a student's artistic talent with the ability to show how to conserve energy and water. We ask teachers to put their students' creativity and energy to good use. Marion County and Westfield students and teachers are up to the challenge!

About the Contest

Energy and water conservation not only saves the environment, it saves money. Now, learning this valuable lesson can be fun! Citizens is challenging Marion County and Westfield students (grades 3-8) to a creative competition. The rules are simple; students should create a unique poster that demonstrates conservation in their home or community, and will be judged on how effectively students convey their message. Two grand prize winners will be selected, one from each category, grades 3-5 and 6-8. Teachers of winning students also receive a prize.

For ideas to inspire poster designs, review Tips for the Home.

Entering is Easy

  • Teachers can request the Citizens Energy Savers contest packet online. The contest packet includes an instructional poster, complete contest brochure, classroom supply of posters with entry forms on the back and a business reply envelope for submitting completed posters.
  • Teachers then pass out the materials, explain the objectives and give students their deadlines. The entire class does not have to participate; however, the more students participating, the better the odds are for the teacher to win a prize.
  • Please ensure that all students complete the official entry form on the backside of the poster.
  • Submit all entries together in the business reply envelope provided in your contest packet.

2021 Winners

  Bethany - 5th Grade
Winchester Village
Maille - 8th Grade
Westfield Middle School

Previous Winners

  Stella - 5th Grade
St. Barnabas School
Ai - 8th Grade
Westlane Middle School


Luke - Kindergarten
 South Creek Elementary
Sophia - 5th Grade
Robey Elementary
Hope - 8th Grade
Franklin Township Middle School


Lucy - 2nd Grade
Saint Jude Catholic School
Ellie - 5th Grade
Bunker Hill Elementary
Ann Marie - 8th Grade
Franklin Township Middle School
Natalie - Kindergarten
South Creek Elementary
Emma - 5th Grade
St. Barnabas Catholic School
Morgan - 6th Grade
Sarah - 2nd Grade
 Kitley Elementary
Kelsey - 3rd Grade
South Creek Elementary
Addy -  8th Grade
Decatur Middle School
Hannah - 2nd Grade
Arlington Elementary
Sarah - 3rd Grade
Guion Creek Elementary
Brenda - 7th Grade
Perry Meridian Middle School
K-2 1st Place 3-5 1st Place 6-8 1st Place
Sierra - 2nd Grade
Wheeler Elementary School
Keilly - 5th Grade
Daniel Webster School #46
Natalie - 8th Grade
Broad Ripple Magnet Middle School


K-2 1st Place 3-5 1st Place 6-8 1st Place
Julian - 2nd Grade Abbe - 5th Grade Yuke - 7th Grade


K-2 1st Place 3-5 1st Place 6-8 1st Place
Ellis - 1st Grade Ethan - 5th Grade Laura - 6th Grade


National Energy Foundation This program is conducted in concert with the National Energy Foundation.