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Managing Customer's Costs

To help your clients understand their bill and why their bill may vary, first you must understand some 
common factors that cause your bill amount to vary from month-to-month.

What may cause my gas bill to increase?

There are several factors that will cause your monthly gas bill to fluctuate. These factors include:

  • Your Residence - How large or small is your residence? How well is it insulated? How many natural gas appliances do you have? How old are they? How many live in your residence? All these factors, directly linked to where you live, can cause your bill to increase.
  • Gas Costs - If the weather is colder than normal, the demand for gas will increase causing gas (also referred to as a commodity) prices from our supplier to go up. In that case, you might experience higher than normal gas prices.
  • Natural Gas Rates - Citizens does not make a "profit" on the cost of gas. The cost of gas to the Utility from the supplier is passed on to the customer on a dollar-for-dollar basis with no retail markup.
  • Time of the Year - Since most customers heat their home with natural gas, the amount a customer pays in the winter is usually much larger than at other times during the year.

Ways you can help control your gas usage:

  • Fix leaky hot water faucets.
  • Replace furnace and air conditioner filters.
  • Relocate thermostats away from drafty or chilly areas.
  • Clean dryer lint traps.
  • Replace older, less energy-efficient gas appliances.
  • Repair windows that don't close properly. Replace single-pane windows.
  • Close fireplace dampers when not in use.
  • To help lessen fluctuations in your bill year-round, consider enrolling in the Budget Plan.

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